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Rent your luxury chalet with bespoke services from the ultimate Megève specialist. Leaders Service providers of one of the top luxury ski resorts in the world, Eden Luxury Homes welcome you to Megève, its original birthplace, and invites you to discover its exclusive portfolio of 100+ villas.

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Introducing Megève

Everything is There

From the most glam après-ski scene in France, outstanding restaurants such as the 3 star Les Flocons de Sel, 445km of ski slopes, breathtaking views, one of the world’s best spas- Les Fermes de Marie, a beautiful medieval village including a 13th century church tower or the Calvaire, former place of pilgrimage, built in the 19th century and retracing the Passion of the Chris through 14 chapels.

The Megève Ski Domain

Divided into three blocks, two of which are connected, the Megève ski domain has everything to please a wide range of skiers and snowboarders. Whether you go to Mont d’Arbois, Rochebrune or the Jaillet, you will also find great spots to relax and lunch in between sessions on the slopes.

An Unparalleled After Ski life

The village of Megève offers what could be the greatest after ski life in the whole alps. The quaint, all pedestrian village of Megève is greatly appealing and large numbers of after ski activities are offered. Some of these include a central outside ice skating rink, a massive sport center and an Olympic pool, plenty of chops and cafes to enjoy a well-deserved after ski meal. Every year the entire world comes to fill this tiny typical Alpine village and celebrate the different new years together in happiness.

The Best Alpine Shopping

The shops in Megève offer a wide selection of clothing, groceries, souvenirs and more. Designer brands and chic shops around Megève make it one of the top fashion hotspots. Just to mention a few: Prada, Hermès, Hugo Boss and Escada. From designer haute couture to more casual attire, you will be easily pleased by the array of styles and high-end fashion that this small Medieval-esque village has to offer.

A Town that Never Rests

In both winter and summer, there are plenty of things happening in Megève. From luxury vintage car races, to the Polo tournament, a unique golf cup as well as various art events and sports championships and ski races, Megève is always busy on the sport and social life front.

Christmas and new year’s eve in luxury

A rental property in the heart of Megève offers both a taste of the high life and winter sportsHere’s your chance to take on a rental in Megève over the Christmas or winter period. This small town in Haute-Savoie, overlooking the Vallée de l’Arve, first became a tourist hot-spot during the beginning of the 20th century, thanks notably to the Rothschilds, for whom it was favourite holiday destination.

Unforgettable holidays in Megève

Rent a house in Megève for an unforgettable holiday. Still as popular as ever, Megève now has an excellent reputation stretching right across the globe, bringing tourists from the four corners of the world in search of either a rental property in the heart of Megève so as to make the most of a wide range of non-sporting activities or a luxury chalet for rent in Megève to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in the mountains amidst an incredible natural setting. Rather than taking a room in a Megève luxury hotel why not rent a luxury chalet in Megève for your holidays in the mountains? Due to very strong demand, the number of luxury villas for rent in Megève is booming. Hiring a luxury apartment in Megève is a great opportunity to get away from it all for a weekend in the mountains with the perfect blend of luxury and tradition which may be seen, for example, in the Savana chalet in Megève.


Time to resource

A chalet rental in Megève is ideal for large families.
If you’d like to find a traditional wood-built chalet in Megève to spend your holidays amidst the snow for a Christmas with family or friends, we have a range of chalets boasting 2 bedrooms, up to 8 bedrooms or even 12 bedrooms.

Your summer rental in Megève

Although we tend to talk about “weekends in the snow” and “winter rentals in Megève” when mountain getaways come to mind, we should remember that summer in the mountains is equally beautiful. Why not book a chalet and enjoy alpine meadows covered in multi-coloured flowers and long walks beside rushing mountain streams? We have a range of 4, 5, 6 and 8 person chalets to suit all your needs.

History and Culture

1914 – The First Ski Contest

During the 19th century, the first tourists were already beginning to converge in Megève in quest of fresh air. In addition to the tourists, numerous pilgrims were making their way to the Calvaire sanctuary. The village developed slowly until the 1900’s and then came the apparition of tourism in the summer season. The first ski contest was held in 1914; leading to the small village’s transformation into a ski resort. In November 1913, a young journalist wrote an article praising skiing in the Mont d’Arbois and highlighted the resort, quickly leading to its reputation as one of the finest ski resorts in France.

1916 – Baroness Noémie de Rothschild

In 1916, Baroness Noémie de Rothschild, after working for the Red Cross in Paris during the war, went to Saint Moritz to rest. One morning, in her palatial hotel, she encountered Gustav Krupp, the German steel magnate and arms manufacturer who had supplied the Kaiser’s army. That same evening she left the hotel, determined to create a ”Saint Moritz français.” With her Swedish ski instructor’s advice, she discovered Megève and the stunning panoramas visible from the Mont d’Arbois’ plateau overlooking the village. Rothschild chose Megève and decided to turn it into a prestigious ski resort. Five years later, the Hôtel du Mont d’Arbois was inaugurated and drew the attention of celebrities and individuals of high wealth such as Queen Elizabeth and the King Albert I of Belgium.

Emile Allais

In 1923 the Megève Sports Club was created, in which great champions have come to fame. Local boy emile Allais won three medals in the Ski World Championship in Chamonix in 1937.The stretch ski pants, which were more adapted by skiers than any other equipment at this time, were created in Megève in 1930 by Armand Allard. They became a must-have on the slopes. The same year, Emile Allais was a part of the founders of the French Ski School aiming at the time to compete with the Austrian domination over the discipline. He also developed a new ski learning process technique called the “french method,” based upon skis parallelism and drifts in fast turns. Nowadays, the French Ski School is the biggest in the world with 17,000 instructors and about 2 million students annually.

The Rochebrune Cable Car

In 1933 the cable car of Rochebrune was built, becoming the first cable car in France exclusively dedicated to skiers. The following years Megève grew exponentially due to the development of facilities like a casino, golf course and an altiport, which all appeared within 30 years. In addition to a steadily growing ski domain, international events held throughout the years also helped with establishing Megève as a reference.

This popularity has not faltered and today Megève’s ski area, consists of the villages of Combloux, la Giettaz, Saint-Gervais, Saint Nicolas de Véroce and les Contamines. Together they make up 445km or 219 flagged slopes, 107 ski lifts and 647 snow cannons. The resort holds true to its original reputation. Celebrities and the most prestigious individuals come from all over the world come to experience one of world best ski resorts, Megève.

Things to do

BMW Polo Masters Megève

In late January, Megève is filled with tradition and elegancy upon the BMW Polo Master Tour stop-over on the Palais des Sports’ esplanade. In 1995, snow polo was born in Megève of which the heart beats all year round to the rhythm of hooves that has been forging unfailing links with horses.

Audi FIS Ski Cross World Cup

Each early January, the Ski Cross World Cup, Olympic event since the Olympics in Vancouver in 2010, stops in Megève on the Cote 2000 slope and gathers the 120 best athletes of the discipline. Prepare yourself for an intense event!

The Great Savoie Mont-Blanc Odyssey

The hardest sled race in the world started nine years ago and was created by Henry Kam and Nicolas Vanier in the village during the link between Savoy and Upper Savoy. You have the chance to take part in this adventure crossing the Alps in 11 stops, over 1000 kilometres, in mid-January. Le “Challenge Megève” represents the highlight of the stop-over: a unique route in front of the Palais des Sports.

Snow Golf Cup

It is in 2000 that snow golf was born in Megève thanks to the passionate golfer Philippe Guilhem that had the idea of starting up the Megève Winter Cup. Top-level champions, children and amateurs meet in early January on the whites fees in the middle of Mont d’Arbois’ slopes. There are more than 500 participants on the specially prepared 9 holes.

Time Megève Mt Blanc

The annual rendezvous of bicycle lovers held every June. A weekend of leisure and conviviality and a great celebration for those passionate for cycling.

Places to see

The Church of Saint-Jean Baptiste

Built at the same time as the Priory founded by the Benedictine monks in 1085, the church consists of 3 parts each corresponding to a different era. Listed as a Historical Monument, it is one of the most original in the region. Its first building, of which the exact construction date remains unknown, is mentioned in Megève from 1202. The 3 main parts of the church as it is now, date back to three different eras : – The choir, late gothic style, dates back to the end of the XIVth century – The nave was entirely rebuilt at the end of the XVIIth century – The pre-nave dates back to the 1870s.

Since its restoration in 2004, this magnificent structure has recovered most of its original characteristics.

The Calvary Way

Designed and erected between 1840 and 1878, the Megève Calvary was first and foremost the work of one man, Father Ambroise Martin (1791 – 1863), the parish priest of Megève from 1820 to his death. In an idyllic setting, it is composed of 15 chapels and oratories depicting the stations of the Way of the Cross from Jerusalem to Golgotha. The different religious edifices, combining all the architectural styles of the past, are home to about 50 life size painted wooden statues together with frescoes and “trompe-l’oeil” paintings. This combination of architecture, sculptures and paintings evokes astonishingly realistic images of the life and passion of Christ. In former times this collection of buildings became such an important place of pilgrimage that for a long time Megève was given the name of the “Savoyard Jerusalem”. Today it is listed as a historic monument, representing a reminder of the past for locals, a pleasant walk for holiday-makers, and offering everyone a wonderful panoramic view over the upper Arly valley and the Mont-Blanc.

Museum of Megève

Charming setting for this museum in the old Hospital of Charity with its 18th-century chapel. A temporary exposition in relation with Megève’s History is held every year.

Haut Val d’Arly Museum

Authentic XIXth century farmhouse containing collections of objects and records from the past, illustrating the daily grind of the local population: domestic life, social life, mountain life…

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